2020 actively applying, learning her craft as an actor, voice over work, writing. 

2020- Several photographs make it to exhibition.

December 2019 signing event

November 2019 Audio book in the works

November 2019 first solo signing event 

October 2019 first signing event

                          ... "Panoramic Globe Theatre" is on exhibition at Blank Wall Gallery in 

                               Athens, Greece as part of the Fine Art Exhibition

September 2019 eBook is available

August 2019 ... several photos seen in small online exhibitions

August 2019 Book is available globally 

Summer 2019 - Several photos seen in small exhibitions 


October 19 2019

at Barnes and Noble local book signing event in Wichita Kansas.

Novemeber 9 2019 Book Signing event at Books a Million in Montgomery Alabama.

December 12 2019 Book signing event at Malvern Books Austin Texas.